~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

If we're buying property, why should we use a Realtor to help us? - Won't we save $$$ if we can find a house ourselves?

Unlike many of our colleagues in the real estate industry, we at Northeast Advantage do not charge a fee for buyer representation. That means as a buyer - you get our advice, expertise, and experience just by asking. We will provide you with computer print outs or e-mail reports of any new home listings on a daily basis. With this kind of free service, can you afford to be without the protection of an agent looking out for your best interests in today's market?

Why use a Realtor to sell my home - instead of trying to sell on my own?

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How is the price of my home determined ?

It is very important to price your home correctly in relationship to the current and prevailing real estate market in your local marketplace. Our market is constantly changing and fluctuations have an effect on property values. It's critical to select your listing price based on the most recent comparable sales in your neighborhood. We combine you're expectations of a sale price and our expertise of the local market to come up with the MAXIMUM feasible listing price. Put this together with our unmatched seller commission rates - and your set up to exceed your profit expectations!


If I list my house with Northeast Advantage and a Realtor from another agency brings a buyer that ends up purchasing my home, what extra fees do I need to pay out to that Realtor?

Answer: Absolutely nothing. The Listing Plan that you have with Northeast already includes any fees due to other agencies. There are no hidden fees, what you see is what you get!


What is a CMA?

A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) provides information of comparable sales in your neighborhood with common amenities. It will supply you with average active, sold and pending sales in your area.

Shouldn't I expect to get the same amount for my home as my neighbor did?

Often market conditions change and your home could sell for more or less. Try to see your home as buyers do, we call it "looking through the eyes of a buyer". Style, age, features, size and condition all help to determine the value. In addition, the supply of homes on the market can greatly influence prices. Call us for a CMA of your neighborhood - it's free.

What is Radon?

Radon is a deadly naturally occurring radioactive gas. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer (after smoking). It is impossible to smell, see or taste. It can be accumulating in area homes undetected. This natural occurring gas seeps into surrounding homes from soil, and sometimes well water. The American Lung Association, the Surgeon General, and the EPA all recommend that homes be tested for radon.

Testing is simple and inexpensive. Easy to use test kits are available form your local American Lung Association at a competitive price of $15.00.

As a Realtor, we know that you work with buyers and sellers every single day. Talking to your clients about radon could protect their health – it could even save their life! If radon is detected in a home, it will not condemn the home, make it difficult to sell, or decrease its value. In most cases simple measures can be taken to make the correct the problem. Regardless of the radon level, a home can be made safe. A radon problem left undetected or ignored will not go away. However a radon problem that is detected and corrected will leave everyone breathing easier!

The American Lung Association has a consumer friendly brochure that outlines the hazards of radon as well as the simple testing process. Call: Beth Gundlach at 1-800-586-4872 ext. 317.




















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